About Glenwood

Glenwood is one of Greensboro’s earliest planned neighborhoods. As defined by the Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association, the Glenwood Neighborhood spans a large, roughly triangular area bounded on the north by West Lee Street, on the west by Coliseum Boulevard, and on the southeast by Freeman Mill Road. Glenwood is currently located entirely within the boundaries of both City Council District 1, and the Greensboro Police Department’s Southern Division.

The oldest sections of Glenwood date back to the first decade of the 20th century. For many years Glenwood was served by a trolley line that ran to and from Greensboro’s central business district, and in its prime, the neighborhood was a major Greensboro destination for shopping and social life.

Today, Glenwood is a diverse and vibrant community that is beginning to rebound from the neglect of the 1980’s and 90’s. Glenwood’s abundant stock of affordable, well-built, historic homes has made it a haven for a diverse mix of residents including: retirees, college students, artists and artisans, professionals, and young families. A quiet residential neighborhood, Glenwood is located just minutes from downtown Greensboro and offers easy access to the city and region.


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