Neighborhood Plan

On November 4, 2006, the City of Greensboro and the Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association held an open house at Peck Elementary School to launch the Glenwood Neighborhood Plan Project.   After a thorough 15 month process of community engagement, it was adopted by the Greensboro City Council on February 5, 2008.

The primary purpose of the Glenwood Neighborhood Plan is to present practical strategies and policy recommendations for enhancing the desirable conditions and reducing the undesirable conditions currently found in the neighborhood. A neighborhood plan is a guide for making future decisions about how a city should allocate resources in a neighborhood, what kinds of development activity is appropriate, and what issues the residents and property owners are concerned about. This plan is a statement of what the Glenwood neighborhood wants to achieve and become, as well as a roadmap for the City of Greensboro and the Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association to use cooperatively in reaching that vision.

The Glenwood Neighborhood Plan identifies and documents the physical, social, and economic trends and conditions present in the neighborhood, and expresses a shared vision for Glenwood’s future, developed through a public engagement process. The plan also identifies goals and strategies that communicate Glenwood’s intended direction to residents, decision-makers, service providers, and business leaders. This plan is intended to shape Glenwood’s future and enhance quality of life for its residents and property owners. The Glenwood Neighborhood Plan and the planning process through which it was developed can provide the structure and catalyst Glenwood needs to attain this future.

Neighborhood Vision and Goals


The Glenwood Neighborhood is a thriving community in the heart of Greensboro. Residents, property owners, and businesses alike benefit from Glenwood’s safe, attractive, and diverse environment. Well maintained parks and recreational facilities add to the quality of life in Glenwood. People of all ages and abilities find convenient, appealing facilities to travel in Glenwood on foot, by bicycle, or via the street and public transit systems. Housing variety and affordability are maintained, while housing quality and incentives for home ownership are expanded. Glenwood is Greensboro’s best kept secret.


  • Increase Home Ownership & Maintenance
  • Improve Walkability & Bikeability
  • Promote Desirable Infill Development
  • Reduce Crime & Perceptions of Danger
  • Promote Vibrant Accessible Retail & Services
  • Strengthen Community Fabric

More information about the Glenwood Neighborhood plan can be found at the City of Greensboro website.